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Technology - Boon or Bane ?

Relationship... Knitted with love

Relationship... Knitted with love


 Traveling back to Hyderabad, at the Chennai Railway Station, waiting in the long ATM queue I saw few parents at the Book stores patiently listening to their excited kids and buying Geronimo Stilton and Enid Blyton’s books. I was overwhelmed at seeing such a beautiful sight as the children were pretty clear on their demands and parents irrespective of Our Great Indian Sale fulfilled their demands.

In an hour as the train started, I was aghast to see a different scene that was unexpected. Parents were engrossed with their Smartphone while the kids were busy with books and a toddler with a tablet on his lap watching Peppa Pig. The worst part is halfway through the book when a child cries he is handed the phone with either cartoon on YouTube or some games to play.
I am not in a debate if Technology is a boon or bane but how insensibly we are falling prey to this toy. Added to it, Giant Internet companies generously launch limitless internet access that even a daily wager has an Android phone though he might not have proper amenities at home.
There were no exchanges of smiles or pleasantries or eye contact during the travel. I could hardly see any kid jumping around or talking to their parents. I still remember the days when my father would proudly say the name of my school, my marks or make me share a proud moment and pull up his collar. Though it might be irritating to do that then, but to see that broad smile on my dad’s face was worth the drill.

Are we blinded with the mask of technology by naming it as development? Beware, anything in excess is poison. Don’t feel proud if an elder in your family finds it hard to navigate your gadget whereas the toddler is an expert in it. We still have the control, let’s not push the next generations to that level and later try to correct them as per convenience that will only hit back.

Give a thought and do your best. Alert – it's not necessary to be a parent to bring a change, you could always start with your nephew, niece, neighbor or others for you don’t need a status to be an angel. Be that angel in someone’s life. Let's make a difference for better today and happy tomorrow. 

Relationship... Knitted with love

Relationship... Knitted with love

Relationship... Knitted with love



Relationship... Knitted with love

A relationship is like a home. When a light bulb burnout; you don’t go and buy a new house. You try to fix it. Relationships are beautiful; respect and preserve them. If God grants you a big wish of a luxury car, a big house with all amenities to stay and abundance of money with a condition that you have to enjoy all of these alone. Will you dare to accept it? Of course not! What’s the fun of having all of these luxuries of the world when your beloved ones are not with you? 

Swami Vivekananda once said, β€œRelationships are more important than life, but it is more important for those relationships to have life in them. Few Golden Tips to improve your relationship:

Start respecting each other:  We generally miss to respect others or acknowledge other's presence around us and feel a lot about them when they are no longer amongst us. Express your love and concern to your beloved ones and do not let your work, ego or other priorities dominate your relationship. Once we had a friend, his parents used to compare and condemn him before others. Many years later, we heard the sad news of his demise due to an accident. We visited his house to pay him homage. And, to our surprise his parents were full of praises for their son. There is no use of crying over spilled milk. Value them when they are with you and not when they are gone away. Time and circumstance can change at any time, don’t hurt or evaluate anyone in life. The mind is not a dustbin to keep anger, hatred, and jealousy. But it is a treasure box to keep love, happiness, and sweet memories.

Spending time together – Find time for each other, it might be morning tea together, having breakfast or dinner with each other. We get so busy with gadgets that we do not respect the person sitting near us. Refrain maximum from using smart phones or other gadgets and find peace and happiness in your own home. Digital Detox is a beautiful transformation. It refers to a period of time when we stay away from electronic gadgets. It is regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress and focus more on the physical world. Turn around and start enjoying the small things around you.

Happy and satisfied - Words – Your words for your spouse matters, but the tone in which you speak, matters the utmost. Start appreciating silly and petty things and witness greater changes. Say simple words to your life partner like I am Glad to be secured in your love, adding new meaning to I Love U. Words have the power to melt down mighty mountains, try them for better you. 

Stop drumming around whatever you do for your loved ones. That is the initial stage for a huge fight. Never ever tell them I did this for you and seeking favors in returns. Relationships are pious and not a business deal wherein we keep pleasing the clients or others by giving them valuable gifts in exchange for favors or big projects. Even in business, we do not fight if things do not turn in favor rather we let it go saying bad choice or bad investment. Well! Life is more precious and beautiful. For a potter will not destroy his own creation. Bees work the whole day to collect honey. Everyone loves honey but not the bee as it might sting. Likewise, however hardworking you might be and provide all the amenities to your family but a small inappropriate attitude will ruin your family life. 

Loosen your Baggage - World is a stage and we all are players in our own style. Style comes with big tag – of pride, ego, and attitude. If your pride is bigger than your heart and your ego is bigger than your head, then grow up or you will be alone for life. We should learn to starve the ego and feed the soul. Many a time we get so hooked with our busy routine that hurting other feeling and discourteously walking away does not matter. Ego dominates and we proudly tag it as So what!  Remember EGO never accepts the truth. When you allow your Ego to control your thoughts and actions, everything you believe becomes an illusion. Loosen that unwanted baggage and live life. 

Take control of your remote: At times we give our remote to others and let them take control of our lives and regret later. It is your precious life. Human beings are the supreme creation of God. We have to respect our life. Once a man full of hatred for Lord Buddha decided to shout at him in front of everyone. So he went to his place and started abusing him but was surprised to see that Lord Buddha was smiling, after a lot of confusion he asked him, β€œAre you deaf”? Buddha calmly explained to him that when you give gifts for your friend and if he does not accept, what will you do?. The man promptly replied I will bring it back home. Buddha said I have done the same, my friend! He left the place in shame but with a lesson for life. Never push your negativity to others. We might confront a lot of negative people in our life but be smart not to share your remote with anyone. Also, remember positive energy is stronger and bigger than the negative one.

Learn to calm down the winds of your mind and you will enjoy great inner peace. These small tips will make a tremendous difference to run the marathon of life. Start living your life the way you wanted to, by appreciating others, stop condemning, let no negative words spoil your thoughts and mainly your remote is solely yours and do not share, for sharing is not always caring.

Stay positive stay happy!